Comfort and environmental efficiency

The emphasis is on well-being and ecological awareness.


Strolling, staying, living or working at La Samaritaine at ease and with improved accessibility required a complete upgrade of the former department store.


Each of the original heritage façades have been lined with an inner skin to ensure the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building.  Every room and suite of the hotel features a conservatory-style bow window overlooking the Seine, together with the social housing units that have been created in the historic building.

The 21st century La Samaritaine also aims for excellence in energy efficiency and the use of natural resources. Across the whole site, renewable energy has been chosen wherever possible, including the use of geothermal energy, solar heating for hot water, municipal heating and cooling networks (CPCU, Climespace) and 100% LED lighting, while landscaped rooftop terraces allow the collection and re-use of rainwater.

The new La Samaritaine is also a haven of calm away from the traffic normally associated with daily life of a department store and a hotel. A common logistics hub for the businesses and offices – enclosed and serviced by compact and noiseless hybrid vehicles – will help to reduce the disturbance usually resulting from deliveries, collections, and the sorting and disposal of waste.


La Samaritaine du XXIe siècle vise aussi l’excellence dans l’efficacité énergétique et l’économie des ressources naturelles. Sur l’ensemble du site, les énergies renouvelables sont privilégiées : utilisation de la géothermie, eau chaude solaire, recours aux réseaux urbains (CPCU, Climespace), éclairage 100 % LED… Les toits-terrasses sont végétalisés pour permettre la récupération et la réutilisation des eaux pluviales.

La nouvelle Samaritaine, c’est aussi un voisinage à l’abri des circulations qu’engendre  la vie d’un Grand magasin et d’un hôtel. Une plate-forme logistique commune au commerce et aux bureaux, fermée et desservie par des véhicules hybrides peu sonores et peu encombrants, contribuera à limiter les nuisances liées aux livraisons, à la collecte, au tri et à l’évacuation des déchets.

Hotel terrace
Facade, Quai du Louvre